Friday, November 28, 2008

One Last Look

Here's one last look at my cactus in all its regalia.  Thanks for all the comments:  I'd never heard of a Thanksgiving Cactus.  I guess that's what I have.  The blooms are fading fast.  Thanksgiving Day (when this photo was taken) was the absolute peak.  I was beginning to put the food out - can you see the cranberry sauce in the lower right corner?

We've had a nice holiday.  I'm using leftover turkey to make a turkey pot pie for dinner tonight. There has been no quilting taking place around here.  But tonight, I plan to stitch down the binding on some of the little quilts for the gallery show.  I think I have to take everything to the gallery next weekend and help set it up.
All the dogs have enjoyed having the girls home for a few days.  Mickey especially, as you can see.  Emily brought him a new frisbee, which he loves.  He took time out to chew a couple of chunks off it before playing.  I guess he had to make it his own!

I have taken time out to read a couple of quilt magazines that have come in the mail, and I'm full of inspiration.  Once these quilts are bound, stacked, and catalogued for the show, I'll be ready to jump into new projects again!

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