Monday, November 3, 2008

Painting Fabric

One of today's project was painting this fabric.  Remember that 4 yards of muslin I found in my studio weeks ago?  This is another piece of it.  Now it's almost gone.  I prewashed this piece, then spread it out (still wet) on top of my kitchen island.  Yes, I put plastic under it.  Then I got out a box of Setacolors paints and slopped it on.  This paint is transparent so the color is more subtle.  Once it dry, I'll iron it to set the color.  Then I'm planning on doing further surface embellishment until I'm satisfied.  I'm not sure what effect I'm going for; I'm just playing.  Often experiments can turn out much better than well planned projects.

I also started another project today.  I can never do only one project at a time - have you noticed?  I cut strips of some of my hand dyed fabrics and sewed them together.  Then I chopped these up and they are ready to sew together again.  I already have a name for this one - Shifting Momentum.  I'll show it to you tomorrow.

I'm hosting a bee meeting here at the house on Thursday, so tomorrow I'll take time out to grocery shop.  The menu is baked potato soup, ham biscuits, and pumpkin cake.  Yummy.


Lisa A said...

Yum! Looking forward to lunch!

Joan said...

Wish I was coming for lunch.Sounds yummy.I've got to go shopping soon as it's my daughter's 25th birthday today and I said we would take dinner around to her place.
Am curious to see your new projects.