Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zigs and Zags and a Studio Tour

I got my zigzag mojo back on today!  So good to be feeling better!  I'm very lucky that the Yuckity-Yuck didn't hit me as hard as it did hubby.  He went to work yesterday only to leave early.  But he finally went to a doctor and got TWO shots and a bagful of prescriptions.  He's home again today, but is doing MUCH better.

Yes, I made two zigs and zags!  And I figured out my mistake in sewing the blocks together and got it back on track.  These zigzag blocks can be tricky.  There are actually two different blocks (one of each shown above) and if one gets sewn in the place of another, the entire flow is messed up.  I have sewn the left half of the quilt together, which means that part is off my design wall!

I thought I'd share a couple of shots of my new studio so you can see where I sew.  The picture below is taken as you walk in the door.

You can see my design wall across the end of the room.  My sewing table is in front of that.  On the right side I have my HQ Sixteen Sitdown quilting machine, then a table with my Accuquilt Studio Cutter, and then my ironing table (with half of the zigzag quilt on it).  On the left side (in front of my primary sewing table) is my feather weight sewing table and then my cutting table.

And here's the view from the other end of the room.  That doorway is to the bathroom and closet.  The best thing about my studio is that I don't store my fabric in it.  It's all in the closet.  The bright white walls keep me focused on the project at hand without cluttering my mind with distractions or piles of stuff (as in my previous studio).  And three large windows give me lots of natural light and a wonderful view as I sew.

Since I cleaned off the design wall, I was able to hang this.  I know it looks like a wrinkly mess, but I really like it.  Once trimmed and quilted I think it will be just what I was going for.  I've decided that Gee's Bend is the perfect name for it, and it will not just represent the style.  It illustrates my Dad's (Gee's) bends over the years.  The bend in his back causing him to be stooped.  The bend in his mind causing his dementia.  Gee's Bend, it is!


Debby said...

What a wonferful place to work and play!

Marty Mason said...

I love your space and more than that, I love your zig zag quilts. And, what a treasure you have in your Gees Bend inspired quilt.