Sunday, October 14, 2012

Do You Have This Fabric???

I worked on the borders for Secret Project 2 today (while Mom sat downstairs with dogs in her lap watching baseball).  OOPS! I ran out of this fabric.  I only need a fat quarter or a quarter yard.  Of course it's been discontinued.  I couldn't even find it on Etsy.  The selvage says "SophistiCATS by Partrick Lose.  I would gladly pay you for it, plus shipping.  This would be my first fabric purchase since I started "Making Do," but I did say I would allow myself to purchase fabric for book quilts, of which this is one.

If I can't find some of this FAST, I'll find another fabric in my stash to replace this.  All will be well in the end. :)

We have been busy bees today.  I helped Mom order somethings she needs on the internet.  After lunch we had our frozen custard (YUM!) and hubby drove us around campus.  We took her to visit Cam Newton as you can see above.  (Doesn't she look great for 82?!)Then we stood outside the baseball stadium and watched the team practice for a bit.  Later I took Mom to Dillard's to pick up a couple of things she needed.  We going out to eat in a little while.  Tonight:  I'll hexie!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps - lacking the Patrick Lose fabric - you could scan your fabric and print it on Printed Treasures....