Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ta-Dah! Zigzag is Done!

I did my one block this morning.  Then I figured, why not just finish this thing?  So I made two more zigzags and sewed the pieces together.  I'm really happy with it - especially when I spent just a bit of time daily to make it.  And I used some stash (including some very uglies).  I'll take a better photo once I've quilted it.

Now, what block-a-day to tackle next?  Still undecided.  I did remember this morning that I have the die for the Alex Anderson postage stamp basket:

These are itty bitty blocks - finish at only about 4 inches I think.  But it would be great as a scrap quilt.  I think I'll make a block in the morning to see how I like it and how long it takes.

This morning I juggled a plumber, a roofer, and another guy while I sewed.  Still tweaking the house.  But this afternoon I got out - I was invited to join a smaller group of quilters for an afternoon of sewing,  sharing, and gabbing.  My favorite things to do!  What fun!  I'm so glad I'm making friends here!


O'Quilts said...

A very great job...and good for you. I am still piddling along...avoidance...should have done like you ...one a day. U must be so pleased!

Exuberant Color said...

I like your zig zag-very arty!!