Sunday, October 21, 2012

Syrup Soppin' Time

Yesterday there was a huge Syrup Soppin' Festival near here.  There were syrup making demos, arts and craft sales, and lots of fun I'm sure.  We didn't get to go because we had to tow our SeaDoo to the lake to leave it for the winter.  Just got back home in time to watch the football games.  Next year we'll definitely check it out!  But since we missed it, I made sure we got our own little syrup sopping' in - biscuits with sorghum syrup and ham with red-eye gravy.  Good ole' Southern food!

Today's zigzag.  Only FOUR to go!!!!!!!!!!!  This quilt top will be finished THIS WEEK!

I did have a finish today though!  I finished the top for Secret Project No. 2!  Yay me!  I had to do so much un-sewing on this project.  I really designed it on the fly - by the seat of my pants - as I went along.  Hence all the un-sewing.  But it all came together in the end.  And I like it!

I've been thinking.  Once I finish the zigzag, I want to start another block-a-day quilt.  Something using my stash.  Something scrappy.  Any ideas?  Maybe this? Or this? Want to join me?

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