Monday, October 1, 2012

Zigs, and Wonkiness, and Jeans

Instead of sharing today's zigzag block (another black/white mish mash), I thought I'd show how the quilt is looking with the black and white border.  I've made all the blocks for across the bottom and I'm working up the left side now.

And here's what I did for today's progress on Gee's Gee's Bend quilt.  (I know, even after cleaning the phone lens, the spot is still there!)  I cut two pieces of contrasting shirt fabrics, placing them both right side up on my table.

Then using scissors, I cut through them at random diagonally.  Hello to wonkiness and curves!

Next I moved every other top piece underneath, giving me blocks to stitch together.  I did this again so that I ended up with four blocks, then sewed them together to make a big block.

See it there on top?  I really like this block - think I'll make more!

Now as promised, on to the jeans.  The BEST JEANS IN THE WORLD!  Peggy (my co-author) called me this afternoon to get the scoop - she couldn't wait to hear where to get them!

The brand is American Rag and they are available at Macy's.  Here's a link.  No Peggy, they don't seem to come in Petite.  I have them in orange, distressed denim,  medium wash denim, snakeskin (very subdued, I promise!), and zinfandel (burgundy).  They call them jeggings, but they are really more like skinny jeans.  I NEVER in a million years thought I could wear skinny jeans, but I promise they are very flattering.  My new favorite thing.  Along with Eggo Pumpkin Spice waffles - yum!

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Debby said...

OHHH, That black border makes the whole quilt!!! Love it.