Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Postage Stamp Baskets

The reason this block is called a Postage Stamp Basket is because it appeared on a postage stamp.  Thirteen cents - yep, a long time ago!

Here was my first attempt.  Not so good.  The hardest part of this block is that darn handle.  Can you see how wrinkled and puckered the background fabric is around the handle?  Not satisfactory!  My previous quilting self would have given up at this point and declared this block to be too difficult.  My new quilting self was up for the challenge of figuring it out.  So I tried again:

Ahh, yes!  This is much better!  No wrinkles.  No puckers.  I'll need to hand stitch the outer side of the handle to the background eventually, but I'll wait until I make a few more.  FYI, the first block went in the garbage!

It was finally time to give my avocado pit the gift of a dirt filled pot today.  Let's hope it continues to flourish.

Tonight:  I'll play with this fabric.

I can't believe this is my 800th post!  

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