Monday, October 8, 2012

Two Zigzags!

The Yuckity-Yuck got me down last night and again this morning.  But this afternoon I felt a lot better and headed up to the studio.  And yes, I made two zigzags!  I stayed up there awhile and worked on sewing zigzag blocks together.  But then I made a mistake.  Grrrr.....  So I did some unsewing.  Still couldn't figure out what I've done wrong.  I hate to leave a mistake without fixing it immediately, but I did.  So tomorrow I'll have to do more unsewing and get back on track.  I'm hoping to get this quilt off the design wall within a couple of days, even if I have more border blocks to make.

Hubby is still struggling.  He stayed home again today, but I think he'll be able to go back to work tomorrow.  I think I'll be up for hand sewing tonight.  Secret Project 2, here I come!

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Debby said...

Go You!! I too spent more time than I wanted with the seam ripper over the weekend