Monday, October 22, 2012

Mickey Says Hello

Mickey hasn't made an appearance on the blog lately so I figured I'd better give him a little photo time.  He and Prince are REALLY enjoying it here in Auburn. The backyard is their domain (with only two steps down from the patio).  Hopefully neither will have any more back issues.

I made my zigzag block - oops, forgot to photograph it before I sewed it to a section.  But there it is!  Only THREE more to go!

I spent about three HOURS today working on a block I designed on paper last week.  I tried piecing it a couple of different ways.  Not thrilled over either method.  But in the process it became a different block that I may like even better than the original.  Funny how that happens!  I'm going to let the idea percolate for a bit before decided if I want to make more of these odd blocks.

What to work on tonight?  Hmmm....  Sue Spargo?  A hexie project?  Hexies may win out!

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