Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Zigs or Zags.....

Still a bit under the weather.  I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day!  Since I have no zigzags to share (glad I made two yesterday), I thought I'd share a future project.

I've been drooling, absolutely DROOLING, over the Kantha Quilt jackets sold at Material Obsession in Australia.  Have you seen them?  Take a moment and see what I'm talking about HERE.  The jackets are made from Kantha quilts, which in turn are made from old saris.  But they are pricey!

Not long ago I noticed a sale at Joss and Main on Kantha quilts.  So I snapped one up and was thrilled when it came in the mail!  Above is one side.

And below is the other side.

It is quilted by hand.  I wish you could feel how SOFT and CUDDLY this quilt is!  And I love that little patch quilted in place above - so real and beautiful.

I had the quilt for a few weeks before I found a jacket pattern to use:

I like this pattern because both sides of the quilt will be visible.  If possible, I'll make the jacket reversible, and a bit longer.  It says it's a two hour pattern.  Let's hope so!  The weather is cooling off now so I think I need to get busy on this!  I'm hoping to use the scraps to make pillows or bags.  Hope I get to it soon!

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Debby said...

The jacket will be stunning!!