Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pillow Goodness

Aren't these pillows gorgeous!  They are for sale at a local furniture/design store.  I can see both of them turned into quilt patterns.  Hmmm....  Might be some complicated piecing, but may I can graph them out.

Obviously (since I'm sharing pillows) I didn't sew today.  Well, I did do some hand sewing on Secret Project 3.  Hopefully I can sneak up to my studio and put the final borders on it tomorrow afternoon.  And tonight I might do some Sue Spargo embellishing.  But no zigzags.  Our daughters have been here today so they could spend time with their grandmother.  We've all been camped in front of the TV watching football games and eating Chicken Salad Chick (I bought a pound each of Fancy Nancy, Buffalo Barkley, and Olivia's Old South), chips and hummus, popcorn, and Halloween candy.  What a nutritious day.  Oh well, we'll get some vegetables in our systems soon. :)

Mom says she feels like she's on vacation.  She's really relaxing and enjoying the family time.  I think tomorrow I'll take her for a frozen custard at Shake's.  Soft serve ice cream is her favorite!!!  Might have to try their Fall flavor of Spiced Pumpkin.  Yum.....

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