Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quilting Compound!

Yes, my mother is staying with us this week!  Yes, I'm making her sit it my recliner while she's here!  Yes, I'm perfectly comfy on a sofa!

I scooted this ottoman over and I'm making it Command Central for my sewing.  Nope, I won't be in my studio this week (no baskets - :( - but, that's okay).  I'm getting lots done by hand though!  I have all the bits and pieces here to finish up a Secret Project.  Maybe today I'll finish putting the pieces together and start stitching them onto the quilt.  Hope so!

Yesterday we had a small outing to Target and then ran by Chicken Salad Chick to pick up a pound of Fancy Nancy (chicken salad with grapes and pecans).  We had a nice (short) walk.  Mom can't walk as far anymore, but it's good for her to get up and moving.  And we walked around the yard a few times counting the tulips that are popping up around here.

Today I'm taking her to the mall - she's all about Dillard's!  We're expecting it to be 79 degrees today (yes, in January!) so I know we'll take another little walky today.  Tomorrow the weather will be ghastly - rain, storms, wind, - basically yucky!  So we'll hunker down inside!

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