Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hexie Book Editing Complete!

Triple YAY!  FedEx is zooming the manuscript back to the publisher as we speak!  I love how quickly this process is going!  And Peggy and I can't wait to see the finished product!

Because of spending the entire morning on the book, I didn't make it to my studio until mid-afternoon.  So my photos are a little dark since the sun started setting during the process.

Today's basket!

And the group shot.  I need to pull those solid squares at the bottom off the wall - they're not working
for me.  And those striped setting triangles are making me think of a circus tent - may have to change them out, too.

Remember those batik stars I showed you yesterday?  Here's the fun fabric I found in my stash to go with them.  It's a Michael Miller print and I've had it for years - several yards of it.  But I never knew what to do with it.  Those cute doggies march down the length of the fabric....yards of marching doggies! And polka dots, too!  Shut up!

Oh, the sun was really beginning to set here.  But maybe you can get an idea of what I'm doing.  I used a black and white stripe for the vertical sashing and let the doggies prance between the rows.

I'll take a better picture tomorrow in better light.  Who knows, I may be finished with the top by then!  I think this will make a cute donation quilt.

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