Friday, January 18, 2013

Keeping it Straight

Progress is being made on Mom's quilt, though I've slowed down a bit.  I'd love to be ready to bind it by Tuesday.

I've had a couple of friends ask me about how I keep the strips straight as I add them.  These shirts are so thin and the fabric tends to shift as it is sewn, so this is a challenge.  Here's what I do:

As I'm pinning a new plank (strip) in place to sew, I measure from the edge of the new plank to the edge of the quilt batting.  I do this all along the entire plank, placing pins as I go, making sure the measurement is consistent.  The quilt is certainly not going to be perfect, but I think it will make Mom happy!  And that's what's important.

Here's today's basket - one more for the pile.

Today was also a day for some appliqué on a Secret Project - nice and slow sewing.  I love it!

Hubby and I just got back from dinner at Outback - settling in for more appliqué and a movie on Netflix.

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