Monday, January 7, 2013

Hexies and Baskets and Binding, Oh My!

Are you a list maker?  I'm trying to be better this year about making a list each evening for the next day.  This way I don't lie in bed thinking, "Oh, I need to remember to do such and such tomorrow."  It's already written down.

I got every single thing on today's list done!  Yes, I finally got back on the basket band wagon.  I feel I need more dark blocks, so today's fit the bill.

And the group shot:  38 blocks done (if I counted correctly).  I'd hoped to be working on a different block-a-day project by now, but pneumonia had other plans.  I'll just keep making baskets for awhile longer!

I made binding for two quilts.

I made a sleeve for a quilt and sewed it on.

I sewed the binding to two quilts - ready for hand stitching!

Oh, and I appliquéd a bunch of hexies to a quilt.  AND I finished editing the book!  Peggy just got her copy today.  As soon as she's finished going through it, we'll get on the phone with each other and compare notes.

I also found time to do two loads of laundry (clean sheets on the bed!), take a walk (1.17 miles), and cook fresh salmon and spinach for dinner.  Now it's time to relax in front of the TV with hubby (and either knit or appliqué hexies.)

My only gripe of the day:  WORD autocorrects the word "hexies" to make it "hexes."  I'm tired of correcting it!!!!


Emily said...

Word hint: Tools -> AutoCorrect -> Exceptions -> Other Corrections and type "hexies" in the list of exceptions. Hopefully that'll help! The irony is that Safari also just autocorrected "hexies!"

Emily said...

P.S. I love the basket quilt!

Anonymous said...

Word - "add to dictionary" option on popup if you "right click" over the highlighted word