Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Am Not a Photographer

I take pictures, but I'm not a photographer.  Today I wish I were.....

I spent some time trying to photograph this hexie flower unit, but it didn't go so well.  See all those dark shadows?  Maybe I need to wait for a sunny day - we haven't had one of those lately.  Or maybe I need to get hubby or Daughter 1 to help.

I made another basket block today, but I'm not showing it.  Accidentally deleted the photo. :)  And maybe you are getting tired of seeing all these baskets?  Are you?

I've decided not to sew them into rows yet, but I am going to take them off the design wall.  They are taking up so much valuable space!  AND I've decided not to finish this project anytime soon.  I'll be making LOTS more baskets.  I really love the way the quilt is shaping up and I want it to be bigger than a lap quilt.  It needs to go on a bed!  And after all, it only take minutes to make my daily basket, so why stop now?

So I'll stack up the baskets and keep adding to the stack until I have ENOUGH, whenever that will be! Meanwhile, I may start another daily block that will lead to a quilt a bit faster - as soon as I finish my mom's quilt.  (Yes, I also worked on that today.)

Tomorrow will be a big day - I'm expecting a Secret Project quilt in the mail from my long arm quilter, Elayne Vognild.  She had to get creative with it and I CAN'T WAIT to see what she did with it!!!!

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