Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Back to Business

Look at this beauty!  One of my friends brought this Tuesday when I hosted my quilty friends.  This is Easy Street - the latest mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter's blog.  Look for the tab at the top of her blog for the instructions.

I love this pattern - must put it on my to do list.

I don't know what's going on with me this week, but I've done everything but sew!  Every single day there seemed to be some sort of distraction.  Yesterday hubby had a meeting in Birmingham.  At the very last minute (5:00 am!) I decided to tag along.  I drop him off downtown and headed to Joann's to stock up on some miscellany.  No fabric purchased, but I did get some bamboo knitting needles for future sock knitting, some sock yarn, a stock of rick rack for my next Secret Project, and some hand sewing needles.

Then I headed down to Cracker Barrel to sip hot tea while my in-laws ate a late breakfast.  I enjoyed visiting with them for a bit.  Then I went back downtown to pick up hubby and we hit the road back to Auburn.

This was my first trip back to B'ham since we moved last June.  I have good memories from there, but I do not miss the TRAFFIC!  I do miss my friends and neighbors though.  But I'll be going back to visit next month - I scheduled a mammogram.  Eventually I'll get this done here, but this is a follow up appointment so I figure I should continue to follow up there for now.

And now excuse me while I head to the studio.  My mother is coming Sunday and I need to finish her quilt!!!!!!!!!


fiberchick said...

I love that quilt! It is definitely on the "to do" kist. I look forward to seeing your version...

Lisa A said...

Very nice quilt. Love the b/w. Are you going on the BQG retreat?

tammie said...

I was at JoAnn yesterday, too. What a fun surprise it would have been to see you!