Thursday, January 17, 2013

Off the Wall!

The baskets came of the wall today.  I found a nice little plastic bin in which to store them as I keep adding to the stack.  Now maybe I'll start hand stitching those handles occasionally.

Today's basket.

And the last group shot you'll see for the foreseeable future!

I also worked on Mom's quilt today - I'll share it tomorrow.

Busy day today:  Newcomer's luncheon, dinner with some of the quilt guild at a local deli, and then the first quilt guild meeting of the year!  I signed up for this year's mystery quilt (you know I need one more project!) so that should be fun.

We also had snow flurries!  Big deal this far south!  More tomorrow......

Oh!  Check out today's post at The Hexie Blog!

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