Monday, January 14, 2013

Before and After

Doggies before long walk Saturday morning.

Doggies after long walk Saturday morning.  Yup, we wore them out!  (I was worn out, too!)

After a bit of a weekend sewing break, here is today's basket....not that many left to make....

I also added a couple of planks to my mom's quilt this morning.  Do you see something strange here?  Think about it for a minute......

Dum de dum dum (that's me humming while you think about it).

I'm using the LEFT side of the presser foot as my guide, not the RIGHT.  See what I mean?  Who sews backwards?  I do, especially when it means the bulk of the quilt is to my left instead of balled up under the sewing machine!  Have you ever sewn backwards like this?  Or am I the only crazy around here?

I have 12 more planks to add and this quilt be be history!  (Except for binding, of course.)

I finished appliquéing hexies to a Secret Project I've been working on for a couple of months.  Whew!  360 individual hexies appliquéd by hand.  I really enjoyed the slow process though.  Gotta have some TV sewing at all times and it was perfect for that.  More to do on this project, but it will go very fast from here on out.  I'm loving it and can't wait to share!

Speaking of TV - I asked for Netflix for Christmas and we got it a couple of months before that.  Prison Break had been recommended to us by a friend and over the course of maybe 6-8 weeks hubby and I watched the entire series.  Lots of Prison Break watching was done over the holidays when he was on vacation and we were both so sick.

We absolutely loved the show!  And we miss it!  (Can you have withdrawal symptoms from that?)

So anyway, we need a new show on Netflix to try.  I'm watching Downton Abby bit by bit, but that's not hubby's cup of tea.  Any suggestions for a show we'd enjoy watching together?  I'd love to hear what you watch on Netflix!

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Anonymous said...


Try the show "Revenge". It's the only show I watch.