Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Techy New Year

I seem to have lots of technology at my fingertips yet I don't always make the best use of it. Our new house itself is very "Techy." Hubby has made it his goal this year to learn how to work all the "smart" features we have. Hence yesterday at sunset (before hubby got home), our outside lights automatically came on. Hubby is getting his tech on!

Now it's my turn. I'm trying to make better use of my IPad (and computer). I've started using ICal for my calendar. I'm using a Nike sensor (which links to my cell phone) to track my daily walks. I'm using an App on my cell phone (My Fitness Pal) to track my food intake to get off some unwanted pounds.

I got my computer back from the shop on Thursday. My hard drive was bad and they replaced it. I lost EVERYTHING. But I'm handling it better than I would have thought. I'm looking at it as an opportunity to start the year off streamlined. And I'll be installing a backup system! My computer was under warranty, so at least there was no charge for fixing it! That would have been salt in the wound!

Also on Thursday I received a VERY special delivery - the proofs for Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts! So instead so sewing, this weekend I'm editing! Yay! So exciting!

The pictures are of the pups in hubby's lap this morning. Mickey is using the belt of hubby's robe as a sleep mask. Don't bother me - I'm sleepy!

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