Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Quilt is on Fire!

I'm singing the Alicia Keys song - yup, This Girl is on Fire! - as I write this!  I knew that once I got the color story right that this quilt would start coming together fast!

Above was the before.  (That background is not fabric - it's my laptop computer.)  This color scheme included rust/gold paired with various greens and my favorite blacks and whites.  Mhew....

Now we're talking!  Now I'm working with bold lime greens.  (And of course the blacks and whites are still with me!)

Here are some fabrics I pulled from my stash to go with the new look.

I made LOTS of half square triangles - I think these will be a border.  Happy, happy!

And while going through possible fabrics, look what I found!  A box of greeny and white half square triangles!  I don't even remember making these!  Maybe they'll find a place in the quilt, too, though they are smaller that the ones I made yesterday.

Last night I finished all the parts and pieces.  Today this quilt will really start coming together!

Here is yesterday's basket.

And then I counted the stack.  How many do you think I have here?  Guesses anyone?

1 comment:

fiberchick said...

Your block looks fantastic against the laptop. It is a shame it is not fabric! I'm going to guess 28 lovely baskets...