Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Riot of Color!

Don't you just love this? I braved the rain/storms yesterday and headed to Birmingham VERY early yesterday morning. I spent the morning at the Birmingham Quilters Guild meeting. I had not been to a meeting since March of last year because of our move.  It was SO good to see my good friends there!  Lots of hugs!  Lots of fun!

Show and Tell at the Birmingham guild is always akin to an elaborate quilt show.  The guild sets up an elaborate hanging system for EVERY SINGLE meeting for show and tell.  Two quilts really caught my eye yesterday.  And they were both made by the same person!  You go girl - Gwen C!

First was her Lego quilt.  Look at all the tiny bits she used.  And I LOVE how she even incorporated tiny strips of half square triangles!  LOVE IT!

This one caught my eye from across the room.  Had to get a closer look....

I know - it's just simple squares.  But the colors are so beautiful and calming.  I think she said that the shirts all came from a Thrift Store.  Gwen is a fabulous Thrift Store shopper - I'd love to go with her sometime.

She used a wool batting and hand quilted it with a heavy thread, akin to Perle Cotton.

This is what I don't miss about Birmingham!  If my windshield wiper hadn't gotten in the way, you'd see miles of red tail lights ahead of me.  And the rain made it worse!

I spent the afternoon getting a mammogram, ultrasound, and visiting a breast surgeon as a follow-up to my appointments last year.  I got a great report - no change in my cysts - so I can now go a year before my next mammogram.  And I can just have it done here in Auburn from now on!  Yay!

I took so many picture yesterday and I have lots more to share.  Stay tuned - later today I'll post more.

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Debby said...

What lovely quilts!! How wonderful to get to catch up with old friends, but the traffic...hate that part!!