Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sashing Shuffle

I worked with my stack of 3" squares yesterday.  I spread them out and randomly grabbed two at a time.  I sewed them in twosies, and then in foursies, and then....

I needed eight sets with 7 squares each and 3 sets with 25 squares each.  Yay!  The sashing is pieced and ready!  Today I'll machine appliqué the last block (I did the other 5 yesterday) and thens sew on the sashing.  Yes, I'll finish this quilt top TODAY!  I just started it on Monday.  Who says hexie quilts are too time consuming?  Nope, with the Quick and Easy Hexie technique you can make a hexie quilt very fast!

We went to the Auburn gymnastics meet last night (against Arkansas).  Lots of fun to watch those girls fly through the air.  Both daughters and our son-in-law went with us and we had dinner at Chipotle beforehand.

Be sure to check out The Hexie Blog - there is an awesome quilt featured there today!

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DaisyChain said...

Never thought of using squares like that for sashing. Thanks for the inspiration!