Thursday, February 28, 2013

Manuscript: Round 2!

Look-y what came today! Yippee! It's the manuscript for Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts with pictures and diagrams included!  This is our last chance to go through it with a fine toothed comb checking for mistakes.

It was just like Christmas morning flipping through the pages.  This is one COLORFUL book!  AQS did a fabulous job photographing our quilts.  The layout and design of the book is absolutely stunning!  Happy dance!

There's still time to pre-order - look on the right sidebar....
Most people don't realize that it is best to buy books directly from the authors; otherwise they just get a tiny royalty.  Let's keep quality quilting books coming out by supporting the authors!

I accomplished a goal:  I knit a sock. Okay, I know I need another one or it doesn't do much good.  :)  The second sock only needs a heel, so I can finish it lickety split. It's not perfect by any means - the fit could be better and the ribbed cuff is definitely too loose. Hopefully I'll do better with the next pair.  It is cute though...

More words on the latest Secret Project? Yes, indeed! And in cursive, at that!

The only art class I had in school was in middle school - 8th grade. One assignment was to make a collage on poster paper, cutting out bits of magazines and gluing them all over. I used words on mine (like WOW, GROOVY, HAPPY) scattered throughout the pictures. The teacher gave me a B, writing a note on the back, "NO WORDS!"  She never told us not to use words. GRRR! I got a B on my report card for this. My mother hit the ceiling - went to the school and complained.  Yup, Mom was a bit of a helicopter parent. (I'd never made a B on my report card...)  Long story short: the grade was changed to an A.  And now I give myself permission to put words on my quilts if I want to!  So there to my middle school art teacher!

Isn't it sad when poor teachers squelch the creativity of students? I was turned off by art for years.  Thank goodness for all the GREAT teachers out there - I know they outnumber the bad ones.  And isn't it ironic that now I make art through my quilts?

Okay, for the February summary:
1.  One quilt finished.
2.  One sock finished. :)
3.  Almost done with the quilt top for Secret Project No. 5 (the one with words!)
4.  Reading:  oops, didn't finish a book.
5.  Healthy eating:
     January- lost 9.4 pounds
     February- lost 6.0 pounds (goal was 4 pounds)
     Total weight loss - 15.4 pounds YIPPEE!  I'll try for 4 more pounds gone in March....


Hubby and Daughter 2 planted 120+ tulip bulbs last fall.  The first red one is open today; hello Spring!

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