Friday, February 1, 2013

Goal Progress

Every new year I make a list of goals in January, hoping to make the most of the upcoming year.  But I never go back and review them!  A lot of good that does!  So this year will be different!  I'll try to regularly look back and see how I'm doing.

This year's goals were (Progress in red!):
1. Enjoy the release of the new book, Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts!  Only a couple of months to go!
2. Attend Quilt Market in Portland in May to promote the book.  
I have my plane tickets and hotel reservation!
3. Make more hexie quilts! I have so many hexie ideas in my head.  
I'm doing well on this one - just finished another top yesterday.
4. Write a second hexie book.  
The quilts are coming along, but I haven't started writing yet.
5. Maybe write a magazine article or two?  
No progress here.  
6. Go through my UFO's and finish some of them.  
Put the binding on one UFO - still need to hand stitch it down.
7.
I finished one book, The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg.  Started another one. 
8. Learn to knit socks.  Lots of progress here!  I hope to finish my first pair in February. 
9. Be healthier - this is an important one.  Lots of progress here, too!  I lost 9.5 pounds during January!  I walked a lot early in the month, but as of late I've gotten out of the habit.  Need to get back on track with that!

I'd say January was a great month!  Bring on February!  

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