Saturday, February 23, 2013

S is for.....?

It's really hilarious how this quilt design has morphed into something totally different from where I started. It was planned to be a very symmetrical design, all perfect and even and geometric.

BUT the design is now very wonky, freeform, and anything but symmetric, even, or perfect. And I LOVE IT! And it has a word on it!  Fun and happy!

I'm learning it is good to be open minded and let the creativity flow - it sometimes takes you to places you would have never found otherwise.  Don't get stuck in a rut!  Play the "What If" card constantly! You'll be amazed at what happens...

I have all the parts and pieces basted in place, ready to appliqué.  I'd planned on working on it at the double header baseball game today, but it's a bit too cold outside for me.  Hubby went on (bundled up like crazy).  But not me.  I'm sitting in the warm house, with the warm doggies in my lap, and a warm quilting covering all.  And I stitch....   :)

So, how many basket blocks were stacked up in my last post?  53!!!!  I need to make many more before I'm done though.  I never guessed I had that many made already!

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