Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Bag of Happy

Here's my loot from Intown Quilters in the Atlanta area.  Yes, a Bag of Happy!

I'm trying to get out of my color rut.  I keep making predominantly BLUE quilts.  I'm ready to switch things up.  Let's kick it up a notch! How about a PURPLE quilt! I'm loving it already!

And maybe one in basic GRAY.  Hubby is all about this combination - this quilt may become his...eventually.....

I fell in love with these colorful bikes.  I think this may be the next fabric I cut - yes, I have specific plans for it.

I also brought home an assortment of this colorful gathered rick rack.  I've never seen this stuff before.  It's apparently intended for use in kids' clothing, but it will be making an appearance in a quilt very soon - ooh, this is going to be fun!

Note:  The small quilt rack I showed in yesterday's post (the one at my mom's apartment):  I made it several years ago from simple supplies I bought at the craft store.  I glued and screwed them together and then painted it black.

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