Saturday, February 2, 2013

Home Again, Home AGain, Hippity HOP

Back home after returning Mom to Augusta.  When we got there yesterday I took Mom to the grocery store and to her pharmacy to get a Shingles vaccine.  She should be good to go for the week.

Mom immediately found a home for her new quilt - at the foot of her bed.  I think it's a great spot, don't you?

And here's the tiny quilt I made her for Christmas - it lives in her dining area.  Nice!

On the way home this morning, I took a tiny one of my favorite quilt shops!  I've been MAKING DO for more than six months, which was my goal.  I did it!  And today....well, I shopped!  I shopped A LOT!  (It's all for book projects - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  I'll share my loot tomorrow.


Kris C. said...

The small quilt is adorable, but the "frame" for it really caught my eye. Is that available somewhere online? Or was it a custom piece?

Happy Turtle said...

That's beautiful and the hexie quilt is so cute. Love the frame. so elegant.