Monday, March 11, 2013

Loving the Hand Quilting!

There's just something about hand quilting.  It speaks to slowing down and enjoying the process.  In this world of rush and hurry and get MORE done, it's quite the opposite.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  I certainly am.

It's interesting how we change over the years.  When I was in my early years of quilting I hated hand applique and also hand quilting!  And now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them both.  Maybe it says something about where I am in my life.  Life is about the journey!  And I'm loving the trip!

The tulips in our front yard are really gorgeous, aren't they?  It's so nice to see some Spring color coming in.

Yesterday we parked at the condo and walked across campus (diagonally, no less!) to go to the baseball game.  We could park closer, but we're trying to walk more.  Hubby and both got our 10,000 steps in yesterday!  Anyway, I spotted this beautiful, shiny foliage on our walk.  I love the red veins.

Some of the stems are red, too.  Lovely!

I spotted this cool pattern, too.  May have to design a quilt with this - crosses and circles together.  Very interesting!  I have a LOOOONG list for today - better get going!  Happy Monday!


Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll return to hand quilting. It's not likely that I'll ever hand quilt a full size quilt again. Despite hand quilting for several decades, I had to recognize that there were just too many quilts I wanted to make, and that if I ever hoped to use them, I'd have to learn to machine quilt. Love the idea, loved doing it, but had to seek out options.

Pen Pen said...

I quoted you on my recent blog post. I am returning to hand quilting and enjoying the process so much. So relaxing and so pretty.