Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I Spent National Quilting Day...

It was hard to justify quilting today because the weather was GORGEOUS! But not that hard. :)  I spent the afternoon hand quilting while watching a couple of episodes of The Quilt Show. Lovely way to spend an afternoon. I skipped the baseball game in order to sew.  I'll go to tomorrow's game though and take some sewing with me - best of both worlds!

Here's how Mickey spent part of the day.  Ahh, he loves rolling in the grass on a warm sunny day!  It's hard to believe that just over a year ago he had major back surgery and could hardly walk for weeks.  Now he can walk, run, play - anything he wants to do.

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Debby said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!! Your baby is so cute but don't you hate the dried grass a stuff they drag in after a outdoor back rub! Ha