Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book in Route Again....And Does Size Matter?

That's me putting the book manuscript into the Fedex bin - yup, it's on the way back to Paducah!  Look at the top of the photo - see those angry skies?  We had some loud storms this afternoon, but they passed quickly.

I spent the afternoon working on more appliqué for Secret Project No. 5.  I hope to have two more sections ready to stitch on the quilt tomorrow.  It's getting there....  I'm still not sure this quilt will be.  Maybe a lap quilt?

I've been thinking about quilt sizes and would love your opinion.  What size quilt to you make most often?  Bed size?  Lap size?  Baby?  Wall hanging?  I would really, really like to know so I hope you'll leave a comment.

Uh Oh!  Look what I found on our bed today!  That's Prince and he knows he's not supposed to be up there. But when he looks at me like this, it's hard to get mad.  :)


Anonymous said...

Been quilting about six years - have made over 100 child sized quilts. Now feel like I know enough to tackle bed size and that's my plan for the next few years. By the way - Bing.com today (3/6/2013) is featuring a chameleon that is "wearing" natural "hexies." It reminded me of your blog! Enjoy!

Tricia said...

Yay for the book manuscript in the mail!!

I make lap sized and baby quilts most often. I find the smaller quilts that are finished quickly more rewarding :-) If a quilt is too big it takes me forever to finish!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Most often the quilts I make are lap size--but that's because most of the quilts I make are for our prayer quilt ministry. Making quilts that size has encouraged me to try all kinds of things I would not have tried on a full size quilt--and, of course, has impacted the larger quilts I make.