Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dottie Hexie

This is in my lap tonight - stitching down green hexies!  HopeFULLY, I'll finish this quilt top tomorrow...  I do love it, but I'm ready to move on.  I think I'll hand quilt it with perle cotton though, so it will be in my lap for a bit longer.  :)

I need to take a few hours to clean up my sewing room soon - what a mess I've made.  And you should see the floor!

Look what I found today!  An old cigar box!  It was in my closet in a bag of stuff my mother gave me last year when she moved to Augusta.  

It was full of small family treasures like this.  It seems to be a badge, maybe from a war?  Does anyone know what this is????  There were also some old buttons with a similar crown and eagle insignia on them.

I may turn the box into a sewing box - but I'll have to find a new spot for the treasures though.

So to answer my own question yesterday:  I like to make lap quilts the best!  They are just the right size to me.  I can finish them rather quickly.  And with two dogs who like to be in our laps under a quilt, lap quilts are perfect for us.  And they also look good folded at the end of a bed.

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