Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hail Storm!

We caught part of the storm system which went through the South last night - early evening - in the form of hail.  Oh, it was noisy!  Most of the hail was marble sized though some was quarter sized.  The only damage we had was to our tulips.  They are pretty mangled this morning.  So many people had it much worse, so we are thankful for our lack of damage.

This adorable cup quilt was shown at yesterday's afternoon sewing group.  Sweet...

And there was also this beauty...gorgeous!

And here a nice pansy shot from out front yard.  (They may not look like this now - I took this photo Sunday.)

I'm hoping to have a finish today - Secret Project No. 4!  I just have a tiny bit of hand quilting left!  And Secret Project No. 5 is ready for quilting.  Secret Project No. 6 has officially been started - what fabrics did I choose?  I ended up going scrappy!  Yup, I'm still hoarding those pretty fabrics.  (Not that the scraps aren't pretty - they're like colorful little gems!)

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