Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild and Wonderful Weekend....

You might notice there is no zigzag block.  No time to sew on Saturday!  Our weekend began Friday afternoon with a visit to Auburn's Raptor demonstration.  Auburn has a phenomenal vet school and a center to rehabilitate injured raptors.  Raptors are birds that eat meat, FYI.  Some of the injured raptors can never be released to the wild again, so those remain at the facility, babied by a host of volunteers and Auburn staff.

The school's battle cry is "War Eagle" and above is one of those amazing creatures.  This is Spirit.  Spirit and his buddy, Nova, take turns flying into the stadium just before our football games.  Spirit's "issue" is a broken beak.  But he seems very happy living at the Raptor Center and performing at the games.

Note:  excuse the extremely bad hair day!

Friday night we hopped over to Opelika for a Taylor Hicks concert!  Lots of fun, but a late night for us.

Saturday morning:  Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast - yum!

Saturday afternoon:  Off to campus to lunch at the Alumni tent, see Tiger Walk, and meander around campus.

Saturday evening:  A continuation of the afternoon on campus - Football game!! Another late night.

Sunday morning:  Off to Atlanta for the final day of the Fed Ex Cup Championship.

Yes, I was sitting under a shade tree at the golf tournament stitching hexies as the golfers worked their way around the course.  :)  Yes, I did get a few strange looks.  But did I care?  Not one little bit!

We return to our regularly scheduled quilting on Monday.

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Chris said...

Beautiful bird! And beautiful hexies!