Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scrolls and Hats and......A Book Cover!

Okay, let's get the mundane part of this blog post done first.  Scrolls and girlie hats!  This is yesterday's block - haven't done today's yet.

But the BIG news of the day is our new book cover!  AQS sent us the image and we are so excited!  (I'm jumping up and down!)  Peggy is the cover girl - that's her quilt you see.  What struck me first was the color - GREEN!  I'm greenQuilts!  I've got a good feeling about this.

But the best news of all is the publication date:  SPRING 2013!!!  That's only months away!  (Jumping up and down again!)

Do you want me to teach you to hexie the "Quick and Easy" way?  I'd love to come to your guild!  I can lecture and/or teach, whatever you want.  Email me for details or to schedule.  You'll love our hexie technique:  no papers, no templates, no basting!  Quick and easy!


Debby said...

how exciting!!! Congrats to you

O'Quilts said...

The book cover is beautiful and enticing....congrats!