Friday, September 21, 2012

A Special Gift

At quilt guild last night I was called up front near the beginning of the meeting and presented with this comfort quilt - someone had heard my Dad had died and they did this for me.  WOW.  These ladies don't even know me yet.  I've only briefly met a few of them since I'd only been to 2 other meetings.  I was (and still am!) truly touched.  They wrapped it around me and I felt so blessed by their kindness.

I still get chills and goosebumps just thinking about this special gift.  I will always treasure it and yes, it will COMFORT me!

As I prepared to make the last colorful block for the zigzag today, I studied the other blocks.  My favorites are the mish mash ones, especially those that have more than two fabrics.  So I went through my precut triangles and made another one.  Love.  It.  Period.

I thought I had it arranged well, but as I look at the image on my computer I see that there are a couple of blocks I need to move.

Of course, the quilt is not nearly done - I still have to make black/white blocks to go around the border. If I'm counting correctly I'll be making 26 more blocks, so about one more month until I have a quilt top.

I used up most of my brain cells designing a new quilt this morning.  Angles, geometry, teeny measurements....  By the time I finished I had to take a nap so I could think again. :)  This quilt is for my next book - I'll be ready to write the proposal soon I think.

I'm hearing LOTS of small planes today - it's amazing how many people fly in for football weekends - I had no idea!  Hubby and I have a BIG and BUSY weekend ourselves:  a bit of football, a dash of golf, and a smudge of Taylor Hicks.  Sounds like fun to me!


Dora, the Quilter said...

It does sound like you have a busy weekend!
I think it's wonderful that they made a quilt for you. Such a sweet thing to do.

Debby said...

Enjoy the game, last week was a great OT win. What a wonderful group of ladies you have found to be a part of!!!!!! Such a lovely gift for you.