Friday, September 28, 2012

Gee's Bend and Gee

I've been playing today.  With Dad's shirts.  We all called him Gee. (Short for Gee-Daddy which is short for granddaddy). And coincidentally enough, today I decided to try my hand at Gee's Bend inspired piecing.  Oh, this is fun!  And it goes so fast!

I have all but finished the first quilt top from the shirts - just working on sewing the blocks together. Can't show it here  - it's now a secret project....  :)

With all the excitement of yesterday (and the fact that I had workmen here from 10am until 8:30 pm), I never did make a zigzag block.  Today I decided a mish mash block would be in order.  I keep this bin on my sewing table and toss all the leftover half square triangle pieces in each day.  So I grabbed at random.

And here is today's block.

No football game this weekend.  I plan to spend tomorrow SEWING!!!!  Another zigzag.  Another Gee's Bend block.  A bit of Sue Spargo. Sewing blocks together for first shirt quilt.  And maybe even another project...

How many projects do you work on at one time?  Are you a "one at a time" quilter, or are you more like me, a "the more the merrier" quilter?


Debby said...

I must be the "more the merrier" kinda gal too. After spending a month working on UFO's I am still not caught up and have started even more. Is this a sickness? LOVE the black and white blocks

Anonymous said...

I'm more the merrier too! I have three quilts going at once right now. Working on a 10 minute block quilt and 2 t-shirts quilts for my nieces.My FIL passed and they wanted something from him. The 10 minute block quilt has been a savior. Needing to break away sometimes...and it's easy.

Love the black and whites. I think I'm going to try that one.

Sue G.