Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Very Nice Day

Another block done, again with leftover triangles.  Why not use them up?

And now I have a nice looking design wall.  Every time I make a new block, I rearrange a few others.  I'll be doing this a lot before all is said and done.  I'm thinking I'll do five more colorful blocks and then start on the border.  I'm thinking I'll use blacks and whites to make more zigs and zags to go around the outside.  My Birmingham Bee gave me a stack of black and white fat quarters when I moved and this would be a great place to use them.  It would also provide a border without letting the pattern stop.

Hubby and I took a nice long walk with the doggies at Kiesel Park today.  We'd never been there and it was absolutely beautiful.  And huge!  There were quaint gardens, lots of walking trails, a koi pond, a couple of fenced dog play areas, a dog agility course, and more.  Very peaceful.

Does anyone know what this plant is?  It was tree-like in shape.  I would love to plant one in our yard, if only I knew what it is.

My favorite shot of the day was this lovely scarecrow wearing pearls, no less!

And to end the day, we cooked a couple of chickens on the rotisserie.  Oh, they were yummy!  With lots of leftovers for the week ahead, I'm a happy camper tonight.

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Debby said...

Only in the South would a scarecrow be wearing pearls!! Gotta love it! Way to go on your zig zags, almost done.