Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finally...a Zig and a Zag!

Has it only been two weeks since I made a zigzag block????  Seems like longer..  Yesterday I sat myself down and got back to it.  I didn't feel like cutting new triangles, so I worked with what I had, mixing dots and olives with a couple of different golds.

Here's the group shot - one more and I'll have 25.  I'm planning on making plenty more.

While I have the drill and wall anchors handy, I hung my Accuquilt Die organizer in my studio closet.

And I hung one honeycomb bind.  This was a very important window to cover - as you can see it's right by a toilet and overlooks the street.  Finally I can actually use said toilet without giving the neighbors a peep show.  I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it.  :)

I'm waiting to hang the rest of the blinds until next week.  They are much easier to hang than the curtains since they screw into wood - no wall anchors needed!

Hubby also helped me unpack the last of the boxes yesterday.  Did you hear that???  NO MORE BOXES!  I'll drink to that!  Not to say that everything is exactly where it needs to be.  Not to say that the entire house is organized either.  But I think we'll be there very soon.

We had a blast at the street party last night and also at the football game today.  Our team pulled through with a win in overtime.  It was scorching hot and we all came home a bit pink around the edges.  After a dinner of frozen pizza (I know, kind of pitiful) hubby and I are settled in to watch more college football on TV, me with a Sue Spargo block and a doggie in my lap.


Anonymous said...

Julia your curtains and blinds look great! I know what you mean about a peep show!:) Since your almost finished with your packing did you ever find your sewing machine that the movers misplace?

Sue G.

Debby said...

How nice to be able to tinkle in peace!!! What a fun zig zag you made today and what a game OT!!! Love to see all SEC teams win until they play Bama of course. Ha