Monday, September 10, 2012

Can't Get Rid of this Traveling Box!!!

Here we go again.  The first name I drew lives out of the county.  Please know that I feel so bad about not being allowed to send the box to her, so I'm sending her a personal giftie.  Daisy Chain, I'll be sending it later this week.

The second name I drew has not responded to my e-mail.  I feel I've given her ample time.

So, maybe three is a charm???  New winner is Lynn.  Lynn, I've sent you an e-mail.  PLEASE send me your address so I can get rid of this blasted box!

Sorry to rant, but this has not been a great experience.  There was someone looking over my shoulder every step of the way, telling me I was doing it all wrong.  And of course, my Dad died right in the middle of everything which has left me grieving, sad, and befuddled.

So, please Lynn, e-mail me!

I got back from Augusta last night.  Should be home for now.  Ahhh.  I returned with another bag of Dad's shirts for quilts and a box of his personal belongings.  Nothing valuable, just memories.  His watercolor painting supplies.  And old clock.  A piece of wood he used to test different stain colors - he build windsor chairs during his retirement.

I couldn't talk my mother into coming home with me.  She has been very strong through this, but after I left yesterday, it finally hit her.  She had a rough afternoon.  She wanted to stay there though, so that when the death certificates come in, she can proceed to take care of all the business necessary.

I got the nicest phone call this morning.  It was from someone I don't know - she is a member of my new home quilt guild - the Cotton Boll Quilt Guild.  She had heard from mutual friends in Birmingham that my father had died and wanted to call to express her condolences.  I felt so blessed to have her take time out of her day to call me.  I have only been to one meeting, yet she sought me out to comfort me.  Wow.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be back with personal quilty goodness, pictures, and cheery news.  Hubby is taking off from work this week.  We're having a stay-cation, working on little projects around the house.  We're also going to try some local restaurants, go for a couple of bike rides, maybe a hike.


DaisyChain said...

Enjoy your time off and please stop feeling bad on my behalf. x

O'Quilts said...

Hi Julia..I am thinking about you. It is tough. when my father died, my sister and I went with my mother to the funeral depressing. Then my mother said that she wanted all of us to go to Dairy Queen for the biggest root beer floats we did. She has always been big on making memories. I took all of Daddy's shirts and cut them into strips for 4 patches..then added some fabric and made them into quilts for all of us in the family.

Jodi said...

Your staycation sounds like just the ticket! Try and enjoy lots of bike rides and hikes - may they bring you some peace and comfort. xo