Monday, September 24, 2012

Back at Sewing....

I thought you might like a peek at the 5th (May) Sue Spargo Earth and Twig block.  This one goes across the top of the others, so it is long.  Here's the right side.

And here's the left side.  I'm almost done with the appliqué on this, so embellishing will come soon.  This is the last block of this type.  Next will come some birds and other creatures and a border with a winding vine.

I got back on the zigzag train - here's the first of the black and white blocks.  This one only has two fabrics, but once I've cut more, there will be lots of mish mash blocks coming!

I'm still tired from the weekend, but I have accomplished a lot today, nonetheless.  I'm winding down now.  Time for some recliner/hand sewing/TV time.....

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