Tuesday, March 1, 2011


That's "Thank Goodness It's March!" New beginnings. New focus. New growth. New BOM's. Above is some of the wool for the Sue Spargo February block. I think it's the texture and feel that steal my heart. And the depth - so much thicker than traditional cottons. And the hand dyed colors, too. I almost hate to cut into it. But cut, I will!
Here's my March Christmas BOM - I've traced the pattern on the back, so it's ready to stitch.
And here's the March Lollypop block with the pattern traced on the back, also ready to stitch.

I've had some questions about how I applique. So, I'm going to have a tutorial here later in the week on the back basting method I use. I've done hand applique using so many different techniques, and this is BY FAR my favorite!

Check out my other blog for a yummy Lebanese Pizza recipe.

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