Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Leaves

Leaves are popped out around our yard, and also on my Baltimore Christmas block.
LOTS of leaves!
I spent Thursday evening basting leaves. I still have about 12 more to baste, but I think I'll applique these in place first.
Last night I was too tired to work on them. The doxies were tired, too. Here they are in hubby's lap with their new friend, a teddy bear we found in the garage. (Sorry, Emily, I think it was yours.) We've named the teddy "Rabbit." Long story.

I spent hours painting yesterday. I'm making my way around my studio. I've gone through 1 1/2 gallons of paint so far. I think I might finish painting today. I hope!!! When hubby got home, I helped him paint two walls of the exercise area. Have I mentioned I'm sick of painting? But it is all worth it. The end is near. I should be sewing on my machine within a few days, and we will be able to work out in the new "gym" later today.

This morning we are taking a trailer load of donations to the local thrift store. Then back home again to move the treadmill down to the gym. And then? PAINTING!

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