Thursday, March 24, 2011


My studio is very oddly shaped. It is a long rectangle with 4 nooks because of the four dormer windows- 2 on the front of the house and 2 on the back. Don't worry, the above photo was taken before The Great Studio Makeover.
Here's the same nook now. The built-in storage stores fabric scraps.
Nook number 2 storage hides batting.
Nook number 3 has a built-in desk which houses my Accuquilt Studio cutter. The curtain hides extra sewing machines - my embellishing machine, my daughters' machines, etc.
Nook number 4 has no built-ins - my HQ Sit-down quilting machine lives here.

Most rooms have four corners that need to be cut in when painting. My studio has 15 corners! No wonder it took me 6 days to paint the room!

I had another productive day of sewing yesterday. I sewed the rows together on my house quilt- just have to add the borders. I also worked on my hexie quilt. Today I will probably finish both quilt tops!!!

Parent update: Now that the weather is warmer, my mom is happier. I'm thinking she may have that seasonal disorder - the one where you're depressed in the winter. The warm weather allows her to get out and take walks, giving her breaks from my dad. So for now, all is well in that situation.


Jodi said...

Julia, what wonderful nooks! I think I would need one just for quiet, peaceful hand-quilting with some nice pillows and a finished quilt to keep me warm. I love hearing about your mom and dad, too, so keep the updates coming!

Lynn said...

Looks so relaxing and organized!

Do you have an HQ 16 sit-down? I'm starting to shop for a mid-arm and I must have a sit-down model. How do you like your HQ?