Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House Construction

Yesterday I cut some white on black strips for the sashing. I decided I like a combination of black on white and white on black - I like the change in value. Decision made, I sewed it into rows. Then I looked in my stack of orphan blocks for cornerstones for the exterior corners. Woohoo! I found some square with appliqued circles that are exactly the right size.
It's moving along very quickly.
Last night I appliqued more leaves to my March Baltimore Christmas block. Sorry for the dark photo. It's very cloudy this morning! 38 leaves! That's a lot of leaves. I have only 3 left to complete. I also basted the main parts of the partridge in place.

A productive day!


Z Any Mouse said...

These house blocks are so cute! Did they all come from one pattern, or did you collect them along the way?

Z Any Mouse said...

How lucky you are to have won those blocks. The quilt is going to be adorable!