Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poor Pitiful Finger

My finger (victim of the thrifted coffee table) was still giving me fits yesterday. No sewing for me... The bruising has made its way down, turning most of the digit a lovely shade of purple. So I spent the day running errands, one after another. My mom came along - I know she enjoyed the outing. I got her a hot dog at Costco - it was the ultimate feast for her; she loved it! Yes, I had a hot dog, too. Costco hot dogs are the BEST!

I'm sharing the latest update on my March Lollypop progress that I made over the weekend.
Gotta love this Kaffe fabric - see the needle? Too cute!
And a lovely rose topped stem.

I am awake VERY early this morning for some reason. And (YAY!) my finger feels ready to sew! As soon as hubby wakes up, I think I'll hop on the treadmill for a bit, get a shower, and head upstairs to the studio. Can't wait!

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Sandy said...

So glad that your finger is better. We don't know how much we depend one very one of them until something happens. Why is it that those hotdogs taste so good...we don't have a Costco but we have a Sam's Club and the hotdogs there are good.