Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Summary and a Virtual Quilt Show

I forgot to do my end of the month summary yesterday, so here it is:

March stash quilt - check. (2 stash quilt tops completed)
2 fabric drawers organized (green and orange)
Open Etsy Shop - check.  ( I still need to work on this.  My photos are not good, and I have many more items to list.)
Entered 2 quilts in the Quilting Arts 2010 Calendar Contest.

I'd say I had a productive month.  As for April, I hope to complete the Patches quilt.  And, as it's made entirely from my current fabrics, it can be considered to be a Stash Quilt.  I also hope to tweak my Etsy listings.

And now for the Virtual Quilt Show!  The Empire Quilt Guild of New York City recently held their quilt show.  Yesterday, photos of all the quilts from the show were posted on their web site.  WOW!!!!!!!  These are some talented quilters!  Click here to see the quilts.  Be sure to click on each category to see them all.  And don't miss their raffle quilt, Broadway Jane, the most amazing Dear Jane quilt I've ever seen.  You can even click on each block of the raffle quilt to see the details.  Don't miss it!

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