Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blocks Abound!

Here's one of the blocks I've made this week.  This is for one of my bee groups for our block exchange.  Remember the challenge I told you about earlier this year?  I designed a LOVE block for my block (see this post).  Each of us make one block each month for someone else, so by the end of the year we'll each have a nice collection of our own block choice made by our friends from their scraps.

This block is for Jan O.; she requested that the patten be made with Thirties reproductions.  She provided the white background.

Below is the BOM for our guild for April.  I chopped off a corner (see bottom of center square).  I told you I'm a terrible piecer!  I never win these at guild meetings.  But I would mind winning these; I love the purple fabric.
And here's a peek at my selvage project.  I only need to make 7 more blocks for this one and then make a border, so it's almost done.
I need to make only 4 more blocks for my Sunset quilt, so at this rate I'll finish two quilt tops this month.  Since I'll have two drawers cleaned out this month (green and orange/yellow), and I will have two quilt tops completed this month, I'm thinking about using April to focus on quilting some of these tops so they'll REALLY be done.  Sounds like a plan to me!

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