Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy As a Hornet

I've been so productive the last couple of days, but I'll have to show photos tomorrow.  My camera is on a lovely vacation in Seattle with my daughter while she interviews for a summer internship.   I tried hubby's camera, but I couldn't get it to work for me.  She'll be back late tonight so I'll post photos in the morning.

I've made 6 more blocks for my Sunrise Through the Pines quilt.
I've made a guild BOM and a quilting bee BOM.
I've made several blocks for a selvage quilt.
I've worked on a gel glue resist portrait.
AND, I've played with the next major portrait project...trying to decide on a background, picking out fabrics, etc.

I've accomplished all these things with a horrid visitor in my studio - a hornet or yellow jacket or some such HUGE buzzing, winged, stinger insect!  He'd very loud and annoying, not to mention a bit scary.  I'll have to get hubby on the situation when he gets home.

I'm also on a daily mission of stalking the mailman:  the results of the judging of the IQA Celebrate Spring exhibit are to come in the mail this week!

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beadworkbyamanda said...

Hello, I'm paying a visit! I love your projects! I tried quilting but I'm much better at beads and thread than fabric and thread.